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We are a dynamic company: for 40 years, we have been operating with passion in the distribution of fresh, frozen, and thawed seafood to large-scale retail trade, wholesale and small-scale retail trade, and Ho.Re.Ca.
Our Company was founded in 1978 and, thanks to Ornella and Angelo Nichetti’s contribution, it has grown within the Milan
Fish Market, standing out for its ability to respond quickly and proactively to individual needs, ensuring reliability, quality, assortment, and freshness.
We are a Team formed by people who grew up in the fishing industry, professionals with targeted skills who can provide reliable and immediate answers to their customers’ needs.
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To meet the increasing demand for products and the consumers’ changing preferences, even those concerning heterogeneity, we have developed our global territorial force over time, starting to closely work with the main national and international fishing fleets.
We are sure in wanting to keep a close relationship with our territorial tradition and to enhance Italian quality. For that, we have intensified our partnerships with the most important markets of domestic production, to directly receive fish that has been disembarked the same evening from selected fishing boats and delivered promptly that same night.

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